Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{mission of hope haiti :: july-aug 2012 :: gimpy chickens style}

"how beautiful are the feet of 
those who bring good news"
romans 10:15

last week as we walked through haiti with dirty, dirty feet, my sweet friend micah spoke truth to us.  "when i look down at my dirty feet, i can't help but think of romans 10:15." ... and let me tell you our feet were nasty, but i loved it!  i would trade my clean feet any day for walking life in haiti, dirty feet and all!!

i spent the last week leading a small team to haiti, serving and love on the people there through mission of hope.  an organization that is literally empowering haiti to change haiti.  an organziation, following jesus christ, they exist to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in haiti... 

MOH has 5 resolutions in how they plan to accomplish the vision that God has given them.
  1. Relational Proclamation: Intentionally modeling Christ’s love through relationships.
  2. Evangelistic Saturation: Repeatedly sharing the Gospel message in targeted geographies.
  3. Indigenous Mobilization: Strategically developing national leaders to carry the vision to the nation.
  4. Holistic Transformation: Continuously pursuing God’s physical, mental, social and spiritual destiny for every man, woman and child.
  5. Excellent Implementation: Responsibly utilizing all resources and talents to their fullest potential for God’s glory.

...and i got to experience all of that first hand for the last week and what a blessing it was to be a part of that.  we loved on kiddos in VBS, painted houses in the neighboring villages, cheered on soccer games, worshiped together in english, creole, and sign language (what a sweet glimpse of what heaven will be like!)  we lived in sweet community, camp style, eating meals and playing games with about 215 others for the week.

come saturday, not one of us wanted to leave haiti.  God is doing great things in reaching that nation and no doubt in my mind that He has a pretty stinkin' awesome plan up his sleeve in reaching His people that He loves so much. 

i didn't want to leave.
i didn't want that haitian dirt off my feet.
i wanted to stay and do life in haiti.
maybe one day i'll get the chance...
 until then here are some photos from our amazing week!

sweet friends haley and micah. what a blessing they are to me!
 hanging out in MOH 500 in leveque
  morning coffee+the word
 haiti sunrise
 what's better than loving on babies!!
  what an awesome intern, sweet tiffany, and her fabulous mama karen!
  evening on the MOH campus
 the gimpy chickens spending a day at wahoo bay!  
the 6 of us spent the whole week together. 
 what a gift from above. these girls are amazing on so many levels!!
 oh hello crazy storm.
 the GCs "bonswaaaaaa"ing with our fab intern andrew!
 orevwa haiti...
see you in november!

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