Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 things

so this is a little spin on 10 things i saw over at soulemama . the following are 10 things that i'm loving in my new house right now.
& in no particular order...

this is my lovely new coffee cup that i made a 30 minute - out of the way trip while i was in the Outer Banks a few weeks ago. front porch cafe was my favorite coffee shop while i lived in Nags Head, NC. this item has actually slipped out of my house & is at work with me : )

my fridge! the listing agent completely made a "woops" when he listed the fridge in the listing.
i'm not complaining.
& it has all my fridge components --
word magnets, quoteable card magnets, pictures of friends & family, & my lovely red kitchen timer from anthropologie

this is my favorite reading chair. i actually found this chair at a yard sale my parent's neighbors were having. it was quite a steal & it's sooo comfy.

my new coffee canister from target! i eyed it for a while & finally bought it.

gotta have my coffee

these are my beloved dishclothes - also from anthropolgie. i've wanted these for the last year, but put off buying them becuase i had no real need for them. now i do & in my kitchen, they reside.

i took this page out of a skirt magazine a while ago & it's now on my pantry door. i love it. the quote says -

"at the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities"

ok so i splurged at anthro for the new place. this is my colorful rug at the kitchen sink. it makes me happy to do dishes... maybe : )

the past owners, hand decorated my fireplace. at the closing, they told me that all the rocks came from topsail beach, nc & that i had to go there & get more if any of them ever fell out... um, hello!?! any excuse to go to the beach. i might just pull one out if i HAVE to go to topsail to get another one.

my roommate from college took this picture of me & mi madre while she was visiting us my junior year of college. i took this from my mom (sorry mom) to make a copy of it about a year ago & still haven't done it. woops. i like it. isn't my mama so pretty?

this is a present, my old roommate A made for me before she moved home to PA. we found the original picture at goodwill. it was a mexcian tile painting. she recreated it to match my duvet cover. i think she did a pretty sweet job. it weighs a ton which means i haven't hung it yet, but soon...

i hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my house...
what are your 10 things?
happy thursday!

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Lauren H said...

April- I need more pics of the house since I didn't get to see it before I left :) It looks gorgeous from what I can see!

love you and miss you :)