Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my "grown up" pants

i'm wearing heels to work today. i don't wear heels often... okay more like never, but i am today. last night i had nothing to do, other than go to the grocery store & that didn't sound like too much fun, so i gladly put it off as long as possible... in comes my shopping sidetrip... well, i should say "browsing" trip. i didn't buy much.

i found myself at a local shopping center that has many shopping options. i headed into marshall's homegoods to see if i could find some steal for the house, but no luck... so then i saw SALE signs at a clothing store next door. i've become a sucker for SALES.

now here's where it gets tricky. i LOVE shopping for clothes, but HATE shopping for clothes. anybody with me? i'm a sucker for fashion, but somehow the "fashion" industry & my body have never really gotten along. anyone still with me? so i made my way through the store, realizing that most of the time i look like i'm a lost child. last night it hit me, when i shop, i have no direction. i can browse the store in the most random ways, hitting most areas at least twice & still not find a thing! i finally found some "grown up" pants on sale for 18 bucks (see picture below). i liked them, so i bought them & today i'm wearing them : ) & they needed heels... hence "i'm wearing heels today"
so let me go back to "grown up." after moving i started noticing that my wardrobe is in need of a serious makeover. majority of my life i've struggled with my weight & realized majority of the clothes i have in my closet are to cover up my body... to hide behind... but also there were clothes i found comfort in since nothing else fit. my wardrobe does not look "grown up" more or less it looks sloppy. last night i found myself shopping in some cotton workout capris & a men's white vneck hanes undershirt. hello???? no wonder i'm single! haha. how attractive is that?!?! goodness gracious.

now the good news... since last year at this time i've lost 20 lbs! thanks to running, dance, walking lucy, etc... woo hoo, go me. yes i'm tooting my one horn, but let's face it folks. weight loss is hard. at least it is for me. but i am accepting the challenge to loose the weight, i'm accepting the challenge to better myself, & i'm accepting the challenge to grow up, embrace the woman that i am, & throw on those heels & feel beautiful!!

i found this blog, on a friend's blog this morning & i so want to BELIEVE
believe in the beautiful woman that God you created to be... inside & out... TODAY!


Anonymous said...

what a great post, april! and congrats on dropping 20lbs!!! that's awesome! I hope you can learn to celebrate your own beauty too... its hard thing as a woman..and I feel I can say that because I struggle too.. I feel you on clothes shopping and fashion and weight..I am right there with you!

Lynne said...

well, you look great, and 20lbs sounds like pretty hard work. I am totally with you on shopping for clothes though. I think it is that I like to have nice things, but I actually hate shopping for them.