Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 newly released... and 1 "new to me"... albums are rocking my socks this week.
first up... and i probably sound like a broken record along with everyone else... but john mayer's battle studies is fantastic. in college i used to make my roommates suffer through listen to his live DVD "any given thursday" all...the...time. it was the perfect background music while we grilled out on those lovely fall evenings. hands down, john mayer can jam. he might be donkeylicious sometimes... okay... a lot of times, but mr. mayer has some SERIOUS skills!! and let's just talk about the crazy faces he makes while performing... wow. that's a whole 'nother convo we won't get into here, but seriously?!? bottom line is that whether it's this new album "battle studies" or him jammin' out with the john mayer trio, i have yet to be disappointed.

the second album on my list to spotlight today is phil wickham's heaven & earth. the first time i ever even heard of phil was a few years back while attending a shane & shane show here in charlotte. he was one of the openers & for some reason i wasn't expecting much out of him. much to my surprise, he blew me away. the amazing quality of his voice & the depth of his lyrics caught my attention from his first song. it's been a few years since then and i'm super impressed with his progress on this new album. loved every song!!

...and i'm slightly annoyed that somehow i've overlooked this next album, which was released in march of last year, until now. i checked out eric hutchinson's "sounds like this" on (can i shamlessly plug that rocking website any more?!?) this past week... thanks to my sweet mother who heard him on the radio (which i rarely listen to anymore) and thought that i might like him... and boy i'm glad i did! this guy's got some funky little soul going on.


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