Wednesday, November 18, 2009

keep sending em' up!


yesterday i was able to visit katy's sweet parents at the hospital to check on katy. she has officially been diagnosed burkitt's lymphoma, which is a pretty rare & aggressive form of cancer. katy started her first round of chemo last saturday & she's had her ups & downs since then. she is in the ICU in critical, but stable condition. her kidneys are not processing the chemo as well as the doctors would like so please pray that her kidney function improves.

i believe in a God of miracles so let's send up those prayers today for Katy
and for her parents Linda & Gary as they walk through this battle.

{here is an awesome graphic that one of our student's in our youth group made for Katy!!}

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Fidgeting Gidget said...

Thinking of Katy. Passing this on through twitter so that others can, too.

PS: I love the pic of Lucy you have on your sidebar. So precious.