Monday, March 29, 2010


last week one of my great friends from college, who we will call k.beezy... who i haven't seen in about 4 years (insanity)... came down to charlotte to hang out for the evening!  k.beezy has always had a love for life that's infectious to everyone he comes in contact with and i love that about him!  we both share a love for photography and music, so he brought his camera down so we could walk around southend and take some shots before we headed to dinner at pike's & then onto the mat kearney & ingrid michaelson concert.
historic southend is a beautiful area in charlotte with lots of character.  the clear blue skies & blooming cherry trees helped out for some pretty awesome shots too! 
 dinner at pike's was delish!  we enjoyed a great mix of friends, old and new, with some deep conversation and lots of laughter.  korey said to me later in the night "you know, we must be great judges of character because our friends are getting along GREAT!"  ...and i couldn't agree more!  i absolutely love when you can get together a great group of people who, for the most part don't know each other, but yet they get along great!  it made for quite an awesome night.
 i'm so thankful for friends like k.beezy and the crowd we hung out with last week!  people who challenge me, encourage me, make me laugh, & ulitmately cause me to grow as a person and love better!  and in the words of k.beezy ... friends (old & new) are priceless... for sure!


Writer said...

Wonderful photographs! Especially the stainglass!

Unknown said...

A - I literally can't get over how much your photography has improved since just a few months ago. I eagerly check your blog everyday just waiting to see all the yummy photographs you post! I am SO excited that you have set out to achieve your dreams and are shining like a star!!! Miss you!!