Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{save blue like jazz the movie}

in 2006 this book by donald miller changed me...
in 2010 this book by donald miller change me again and
told me that blue like jazz was being made into a movie...
i was ecstatic.
then on september 16th donald miller announced on his blog that the production of blue like jazz the movie has been halted due to funding issues.  it pains me to think that this message get the opportunity to reach an audience of movie watchers so i was elated when i saw this...

what is it you ask?  it's a grassroots movement to get this movie funded by all those who have been blessed by donald miller's words.  i've backed it.  will you?  what's $10 really? 
and if you haven't read either of these books, i highly recommend you do.  just don't say i didn't warn you, you might be changed... for the better.

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