Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{kelly & paul}

i had the honor of photographing my "little" cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. even though she's now grown up and a wife, she will always be my "little cousin."  i remember this smiley blond headed little girl growing up and now she's a smiley beautiful woman.  it was such a joy to capture her big day and all the colorful details.  it was my first wedding flying solo as the photographer.  needless to say i was ner-vous, but the day turned out just perfect!  kelly chose a blue dress which some would say "why?" but i think it suits kelly just beautifully.  kelly's concern was about her marriage to paul and what made her feel beautiful, not what to everyone says you "must" do on your wedding day. kelly you have grown to be such a beautiful, caring, warm hearted young woman who helps and loves those around her so well.  it's a blessing to see where the Lord has brought you so far and i can't wait to see what else he has planned for you and paul in your journey ahead!!  thanks again for letting me share in your special day. 
love you! -"ape"

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