Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i like rap.  equate it to my life as a dancer, to it's awesome beats, or maybe to going to college at uncg (jenn... are you out there? ;)  but i'll have to say sometimes i cringe at most rap lyrics... like REALLY?  did they just say that?  but yesterday i downloaded an album that i am SO excited to suggest.

quite a few of my friends have raved about lecrae for a LONG time and i've even heard some of his songs, but for some reason i've been super slack and haven't downloaded any of his music for myself. my mistake.  my BIG mistake.  one listen to the intro to his latest CD, rehab, and i know i had downloaded something really good.  it had me dancing in my car within the first few seconds.  not only is it good music, but lecrae's lyrics are so deep and filled with the truth of God's love and that... i love. 

"humanity has searched long and hard for answers for our ills, pains, and unsatisfying lives.  while we were created emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy, sin has caused us to turn away from God and separated us from him and his goodness.  we need restoration, healing, and rehabilitation back to that original state of unity with God.  Jesus is our rehabilitation.

the Christian life is an entrance into rehab."


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Unknown said...

I love Lecrae!!!!!!
You need to get some Trip Lee, Shai Linne (he is my absolute favorite), and Sho Baraka.